*Photography acknowledgements to Lance Moody, Mechanical Bug Photo*

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Miss Holmes

February 7th-9th, 2020

November 22nd-24th

It is a well-known tale: King Shahryar, after finding his first wife in the arms of another, murders her and her lover. Left alone, the King decides to marry a new woman each night -- only to kill her in the morning. That is, until Scheherezade courageously marries the King and begins telling a wondrous tale each evening and continuing through until dawn -- when she is supposed to be killed, except that the King always allows her to live in order to finish the next story. In this way, she suspends her death sentence for one thousand and one nights, and slowly heals King Shahryar’s broken heart, in the process.

Important Dates

Cue to Cue- Friday, November 15th // 4-9 pm

Fittings- Sunday, November 17th // 12-5 pm

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